ytcspa102 Prof. Fulton
York Technical College Spanish Instructor
Welcome to the class page for Spanish 102.

Posted on this page you will find class summaries and homework assignments for Spanish 102 in case you missed a class or want to review.  The most recent class appears at the bottom of this page so you will need to scroll down to find the current information.

Prof. Fulton


1.  Review "stem-changing" verbs and read pg. 138
2.  Complete activity 138-A by making logical sentences with the vocaublary.
3.  Continue practicing with these verbs by filling in 139-B
4.  Read "Affirmative & Negative expressions" on pg. 140-141.  Be sure you study and learn these terms.
5.  Complete activity 141-A by changing the sentences to the opposite.
6.  Practice more wtih these terms by completing "" lesson 19 "Negation".  Be sure to complete the on-line test and send it to me at ""
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