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Hi Students,

Today we are going to start using The Internet.  I have prepared some work for you to search the net and find information on Mt Everest which we have been studying about in the classroom.  I hope you enjoy your adventure to the Mountain and please follow my instructions carefully. This should help you get familiar with looking for material on the net.Try not to get lost!!!

Happy Surfing,

1.Go to LOCATION and type in http//www.yahoo.com/
2.Go to SEARCH and type in MT EVEREST.
3.How many sites are there on MT EVEREST?(look for search results)
4.Scroll down and scan until you find IMAGES OF NEPAL, double click on it.
5.Double click on photo album.
6.Find picture of MT EVEREST and double click on it.
7.What is another name for MT EVERSET? Write it down.
8.Find the little map on the page (scroll down) and tell me what is the nearest place to MT EVEREST?
9.Find the icon(sign) at the top of the page which says BACK and click three times.
10.Find SEAN'S MT EVEREST page and double click on it.
11.Skim and scan down the page and tell me where MT EVEREST is located?
12.How many people have tried to climb MT EVEREST?How many have succeeded?How many have died?
13.Scroll down the page and find OTHER EVEREST SITES.
15.Write at least six points of interest from this article about cleaning up MT EVEREST.
16.Choose six words you do not understand and write them down.
17.When was this article written and for whom?

I hope you have enjoyed surfing, and I hope you are looking forward to working on the computer again.
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