zinger104 Ms. Marie Potter
Welcome to the coolest website known throughout school!
In this website will be links and homework reminders. There will also be reminders of upcoming programs.

  If you forgot to fill out your assignment book here is your last chance other wise you will get an incomplete slip.
We have no homework right now. This may be out of date though as we can not be on here all the time. If you are in doubt that this is wrong call up a friend and they can tell you.

 There are no programs coming up but remember that Girl Scouts is in our room every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Boys scout are in the gym the same days. If you need to stay after school, you may on Tuesdays and Thursdays with my permission.

 I may be needing help to keep this site updated, if you would like to volunteer I would appreciate the help.  Contact me when I am not busy at school and I will see if I can make the arrangements.

 One more thing, if you would like to have a reminder on this site, you can tell me at school. I will be glad to help you. This is only if it is appropriate. I would also be glad to take any suggestions for the site.

             Thank you and see you at school!!!
Useful links
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