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Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy Chemistry I - Honors

The Leadership Team


Kickoff Meeting



Proposed General Practices


All teams study the same chapter at the same time.


Invest about a week and a half per chapter, possibly two.  We won’t waste time or dawdle, but we will make our chapter visits time appropriate.


I will become an ad hoc member of the authoring team and release enhancements to the materials.


We will connect at least one lab/activity to each chapter we study - more if time permits.



Your Assessment


Now that you have experience in what we have been doing, what would you like to see happen?


Where are the strengths and weaknesses of our endeavor?



Points to Ponder - Should we


Drop the pretest?


Change testing to post-test only with a test prep guide similar to what I have produced in the previous two years, and similar to the SEMEX review?


Employ a different approach to the remaining chapters, such as a modular system.?


Should the rubrics have all of the answers and solutions so we don’t ever refer to books?


Seek interactive websites where students can print their results for the purpose of remediation?



How can we or should we


How do we phase out of books and into internet 90% or better.


Should the Supporting Team be involved in handling clerical work when they are not engaged?  There is a Federal law that could be in the way.


How should the Supporting Team support the chapter – could we have a job description?  What preparation should be expected?  Should a response, “That’s not my section” be allowed?



About Accountability


How should effort be identified and documented?


Considering that the Dreaded X is a part of the remediation privilege, but West Shore students are just not familiar with it, do you think this is equitable?  This has, in the past, always been explained this way.  You may choose two paths in my class.  One is to be able to remediate when you do not do well.  In exchange for having this privilege, you must always remediate everything.  If you fail to remediate when the option is given to you, your grade becomes a Dreaded X.


To ensure that students do all that I ask, should I have to post each item as a grade, such as grades for Team Chapter Evaluation, and WDYD.  Or, should our students be expected to do as requested?  I’d like to cut the paperwork and detail.  What do you think of having a form that team captains respond to with a check for those who have and an X for those who have not, in response to the question – Identify team members who contributed to the evaluation.


Do you agree that a final grade should be based on original test score, completed remediation, evidence of effort?  If so, what is the magic formula?



Perplexing Problems


How do we get everyone who is authoring to understand the sequence of their authoring in terms of objective - instructions - examples - practice - then sampling with test item - remediation item?





Is there enough recognition, or should there be a recognition program?  Should we have a recognition committee/team?

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