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Foothill Technology High School
Ventura Unified School District
100 Day Road
Ventura, CA  93003
United States
Phone: (805)289-0023 ext.2208
Fax: (805)289-0029
About me
I was born on January 3, 1979 in Corona, California.  Growing up I was interested in drawing and animation.  As a kid I really thought that I would grow up to be a Disney animator.  When I was ten, my parents bought their first home in Victorville, California.  As a I grew older in this very vast desert town, I became additionally interested in culinary arts and science fiction.  My high school was a huge school, where I learned that mathematics was my favorite subject.  I liked how the concepts all tied together so intricately.  When I started looking at colleges, I wasn't sure in what I really wanted to major.  I really loved art, but I wanted to further explore the mysteries of mathematics.  When I received the application for Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, I had to declare a major.  I was torn between becoming an architect or a mathematician.  I chose mathematics, and am still grateful because I have never been so challenged but motivated by anything like it.  I learned that mathematics had so much more to it than just numeric solutions.  After receiving my bachelor's degree in pure mathematics, I also received my master's degree in mathematics and my teaching credential.  Foothill Technology High School is now my home.  It was my first high school teaching assignment, and it will most likely be my last.  The school fits all my biggest plans to further develop my teaching methods and work with students who are intrinsically motivated.
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