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She gave a final shift that caused her dress to shift enough to expose a sliver of her white panties.

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That was about the time Hank looked to his right—the light might not have been very good, but it showed him a bare, shapely leg, that ran all the way from her foot almost up to her panties. He wasn't a hermit, even if he did live on a farm that was back in the woods and over five miles from the next neighbor. He still managed to visit Johnnie's 'Pub and Pool Hall' a couple times a month and was a hit with the ladies. Hell, he could almost smell a woman in heat. He didn't want to believe his senses, but it sure looked like that little minx sitting beside him was just such a woman. He continued to keep one eye on the road and the other eye on his daughter.

"It was such a long ride, Dad," she complained, twisting around and sitting with her back to the door and her feet on the seat. She pulled her knees up, allowing him a good view of her bare legs and when she spread them apart, Hank had a clear shot of her crotch; the light just wasn't enough for him to see much. Kitty pretended to look ahead; instead she was watching him out the corner of her eyes. Yep, he was definitely interested.

Hank, who had been driving with both hands on the wheel, switched to one hand on the wheel while letting his other fall into his lap. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn't help it; his cock was pushing against his jeans and growing so much it was becoming uncomfortable. He started out trying to adjust it to a better position, but his hand touching it felt so good he took just a little longer than necessary in the re-adjusting.

His reaction wasn't lost on Kitty. Aw yes, she thought, I've got a nibble. She let her left leg rest against the seat's back, giving him a better look. She rode like that until they reached home.

"I can't wait to get a shower," she said, lugging her smaller bag up the steps while Hank effortlessly carried everything else. She opened the door for her father, stealing a look at his crotch, as he twisted sideways to get through with the load. Yep, it was still bulging under his jeans, and it wasn't a small bulge either. She wasn't a judge of cocks, but she'd bet it was every bit as big as Billy's and the other girls claimed Billy had a big one. "Is it okay if I shower first, Dad?'

"Sure, Baby, I washed before I left to meet you, so I'm good for the night. Take your time." Hank was ashamed to admit it, even to himself, but he was hoping maybe, just maybe, she'd leave the bathroom door unlocked. If she did, maybe he could push it open just enough to catch a glimpse of her through the shower's glass door. As he waited, giving her time to get into the shower, he alternately cursed himself for being a pervert and tried to convince himself that any man would do the same.

Kitty wasn't sure she had Dad hooked enough to spy on her but she took no chances. When she finished with the necessities, she cracked the door wide enough to allow a good view of the shower stall, while not making it look like it was intentional.

Hank heard the water running while changing into the loose fitting shorts he normally wore around the house. His heart raced and he could feel his pulse pounding in his temples. From his bedroom, he had to walk past the bathroom to get to the den. It was the perfect excuse, if he needed one, but the battle within still raged. Should he or shouldn't he? There was no doubt about the answer to that one; but the other question, the one that was eating away at his heart was, did he want to make love to Kitty or not? Down deep he knew the answer was yes, and that's what was tearing him apart.

He reminded himself how natural it seemed when he'd watched Dan fuck Sally; on the other hand, if he did make love to Kitty they'd have to hide it, so could a thing you had to hide be natural? No matter that apparently more and more it was becoming the norm these days, society still frowned upon incest. Did he really want to expose Kitty to the scorn that would result from the world if anyone found out about it? Suddenly the ridiculous thought hit him, he wouldn't be just fucking Kitty; he wanted to make love to her—yeah like that was going to make a difference.


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