Señor Browning
Spanish Teacher
Bear River Middle School
Box Elder
United States
About me
I have been speaking, reading, and writing Spanish fluently for 20 years. I recently decided that my place in this world was to become a teacher so that I may inspire youth. There is nothing greater than seeing a young person want to make a difference in this world.

I grew up and took Spanish from 8th grade through 12th grade. I had the decision in 12th grade to either choose Spanish or Trigonometry. Math, and knowing how to use it, is huge in our world, but something told me in my heart to take Spanish. After I graduated high school I served a mission for my church in Córdoba, Argentina.

I really connect with Spanish and its culture is one of my passions because I trace part of my heritage back to my great-grandparents who are Hispanic. In fact, part of my family was one of eleven families to migrate to the Los Angeles area and help to settle that area.

Come along with me and let us enjoy together learning and understanding the language of Spanish as well as its beautiful and rich culture.