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Ben Morton is an experienced Real Estate Consultant with demonstrated history of managing multiple development projects, remodel projects and listings with strong attention to detail, problem solving and follow-through capabilities. Motivated and driven to build successful processes through automation and the use of cutting-edge real estate tools to increase marketing and sales efficiency. Dedicated to honesty, integrity, responsiveness, and knowledge with a client-oriented mindset. Excellent communication and negotiation skills learned through 15 + years of experience. Ben has lived in Seattle for 12 years and currently resides in Westlake with his daughter and havapoo puppy. Those who have worked with Ben describe him as a hard worker with excellent client care. His greatest value to his clients is his knowledge of the Greater Seattle Area and the ability to creatively solve any challenges to win the best deal. This is important in a fast-paced market like this one with multiple offer scenarios and review dates. Ben Morton and his team provide exceptional service whether you are a looking for a development loan, a seller or first-time buyer you’ll be guided through the process ensuring a stress-free experience. Are you looking to buy one of our one-million-dollar homes for sale? Perhaps one of the floating homes for sale in the Seattle area is what you’re looking for? From the luxurious to the unique, from the family-orientated to the Batchelor, at Ben Morton, we solve any housing issues you’ve had – matching the perfect home to the perfect person. Just imagine: you, sitting in downtown Seattle looking through real estate listings when all of a sudden, you’re struck by the Seattle condos for sale. Or perhaps you’ve recently received a pay increase and now it’s time to upgrade your lifestyle, why not explore the 1-million-dollar homes for sale? What about the 2-million-dollar homes for sale? The 10-million-dollar homes for sale? Why not even look at the 20-million-dollar homes that we have for sale at Ben Morton? Your new life starts at home – so let’s open the doors and welcome you in. We may focus on luxury houses for sale in Seattle, WA, but our main goal is to bring anyone and everyone a home they belong in. Whatever it is that you need – let’s make it happen. Contact us at (c) 425.403.7911 or (e) Ben Morton Real Estate 16329 Cascadian Way, Bothell, Wa 98012
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