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About me
Hi i have brunette hair,i'm 11 years old, i live in ohio(TOTALLY BORING STATE)i want to be a singer when i get older,i have 2 sisters(Megan Nicole/crystalmae101,and Becka mae)i am crystalmae not megan,and i have 3 cats and 2 dogs Angel(coccer spaniel/shitsu mix 6 years old female nickname:for becka=sexy girl for megan=IDK for me=girly girl for my dad=dog,Beadle 9 years old,male,nickname beadlemister)cats (Sugar my moms BLACK cat 1 year old female,nickname for my dad the n word and she has a baby,Baby Sugars female kitten shes 4 or 5 months old nickname for me idiot kitty,crazy kitten, and idioticly dumb(she plays with grocery bags)Princess i have no clue how old she is nickname little brat female thinks shes a princess just because of her name)oh and i am NOT a teacher or anything like dat im'a student!!!

Singing,listening to music,cooking,watching my DVR,and playing with pets

Favorite Films:
High School Musical,Speed,and others

Favorite Music:
Country,Rock,and Arena Rock

Who I would Like to Meet:
TaylorSwift Nickleback band SimplePlan band

Taylor Swift My Older Sis Becka Mae H.(shes not a biological/born by mah mom sis but she is mah sis and shes the best one i could ask fur)

Forever & Always Love Crystalmae
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