Contracts through Law Firms in Lahore Pakistan in2021
Contracts through Law Firms in Lahore Pakistan
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Contracts through Law Firms in Lahore Pakistan:

Nazia Law Associates among the best law firms in Lahore Pakistan providing lawyers in Lahore Pakistan for services of contracts. Agreement between parties, encashment of Bank guarantee. Employer restrained to encash Bank guarantee. Suit for injunction through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan of law firms of Lahore Pakistan against Bank restraining to pay guarantee person entitled, is not maintainable.

Encroachment on Municipal Land:

Encroachment ma de by defendant on the Municipal land is a nuisance and trespass. Permanent injunction granted. Grant of injunction in case of encroachment on the Municipal Land will tantamount to giving right of present and future guarantee to trespasser. Injunction refused. Construction on the Municipal land detriment to plaintiff shop in front, permanent injunction granted. Person badly affected by construction on lane closing his sewerage system and existing doors and then by depriving him of existing amenities can maintain suit without joining others.

Electricity bills:

Effect of payment of consumer during pendency of suit making interim payment of bills, amount could be adjusted towards future bitts. Suit is maintainable.

Enforcement of contract:

Section 56 (f) contract not specifically enforceable, no injunction for dispossessing petitioner from plot can be claimed. Railway contract through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan of law firms of Lahore Pakistan is revocable at granter's will, and agreement barred under Section 56 (f) is not enforceable. Breach of contract, Court would not grant injunction to one party when it cannot grant to the other if he want to have the contract performed.

Cancellation of contract through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan of law firms of Lahore Pakistan by the Railway, injunction cannot be granted to contractor.

Construction of mosque:

Defendant in possession of plaintiff's land intending to build mosque and dedicate the same to public. Injunction restraining construction of building can be granted. Construction of place of worship by non-Muslim for themselves cannot by itself cause injury or loss to the Muslim, Islam a religion of tolerance leave non-Muslim free to profess and practice their religion. Execution of scheme: Suit through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan of law firms of Lahore Pakistan against L. D. A. for using public street as building, suit not maintainable. Modification of scheme can be made by authority. Mandatory injunction to Municipal Committee for execution of drainage scheme is not possible.

Execution proceedings:

Execution proceedings are judicial proceedings. Proceedings in execution may be stayed. When a prohibitory injunction is violated, the remedy is not by putting the decree into execution but by adopting other measures as provided by law. As in the present case, the prohibitory injunction is violated the decree is not executable and the execution case is not maintainable for the remedies under Order 21, rule 32, C. P. C. to  (3) Decree can be enforced against legal representatives of judgment-debtor under Section 50, C. P. C. and against purchaser pendente lite under Section 52. T. P. Act.
Execution taken out on a decree granting an injunction on the ground that the terms of it had been infringed. The person who is charged may plead impossibility of infringement because of the disappearance of the subject-matter. The disobedience of injunction may be punished for contempt. The application through lawyers in Lahore Pakistan of law firms of Lahore Pakistan for execution of decree for injunction is governed by Article 182 of the Limitation Act. In Pakistan, there are many Law Firms in Lahore Pakistan but In Nazia Law Associate is one of them Best and we have Expert Lawyers in Lahore who work on Legal cases in Pakistan.
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