Biology/Chemistry Instructor
SWCTA - SouthWest Career Technical Academy
CCSD, Las Vegas, NV
7050 West Shelbourne Avenue
Las Vegas, NV  89113
United States
Phone: 7027995766
Fax: 7027995751
About me
Dennis F. Goode

About Me – Mr. Dennis F. Goode

I am Dennis F. (Denny) Goode.  I was born in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts in 1952.  I graduated from Danvers High School in 1970.  I was a good student in high school and enjoyed science and math.  I played many sports at the high school level: basketball, football, baseball, and track.  I began rock climbing during my senior year in high school and I continue to enjoy this avocation to this day.  I received a partial sports scholarship to Northeastern University for basketball.  I graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts in 1975.  I began my teaching career in Waltham, Massachusetts in 1975 teaching various high school science courses.  Later I moved to North Conway, New Hampshire and taught various science courses there for more than two decades.  There I did graduate training in Environmental Science at Plymouth State College.  I enjoyed living, rock climbing, and teaching in New Hampshire.  However, seeking change, my wife Tina and I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1997.  I continue to enjoy rock climbing, teaching, and nature in the beautiful desert biome of the Mojave.  I continue to pursue learning in Science; I have taken many graduate level courses at UNLV, and I have found them interesting and challenging.  I taught Science at SECTA for more than a decade in the Clark County School District.  I have excitedly moved in my teaching assignment to the one of the newest of the CTA’s in Clark County called the Southwest Career  Technical Academy.  It is an honor to be teaching at SWCTA and to be a small part of opening this wonderful new facility and learning environment.  SWCTA has the potential to become one of the finest high schools in Clark County.  This is exciting.  Prior to this exciting opening school year at SWCTA, I taught many Sciences at SECTA.  SECTA has become over 40+ years history, one of the leaders in the field of CTA.  Now at SWCTA, it is exciting to bring my insights into the successes achieved by SECTA to the wonderful new feeling and mission planned for SWCTA.  The mission of SWCTA focuses on the “student” and learning largely through the vehicle of project-based-learning (PBL).  This approach is a sound, proven approach to learning for the changing future promised of the 21st century.  I think students will find PBL challenging, preparational, and rewarding, and I hope my students in Biology I and Biology IH find it so.  I enjoy teaching Science.  I try to find connections between Science in a changing world and the role it plays and will play in the lives of young people going forward.  I see Science understanding as very important as we together move into the 21st century.  This Science savvy is important to individuals, our State, our nation, and the world.  I wish my students the best in their studies at SWCTA, especially in their studies of Science and Biology!

Contact Information:

School:                   SouthWest Career And Technical Academy- SWCTA
Country:                 United States
City/town:              Las Vegas
Address:                7050 Shelbourne Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89113
Phone:                   (702) 799-5766-3107
Email address:       DFGoode@interact.ccsd.net
Web page:             http://www.swcta.net/teachers/goode/
Program Area:        Staff/Faculty-Science Department
Courses:                 Biology I, Biology I H
Roles:                     Dennis F. Goode – Biology Instructor
Interests:               Wife Tina; Family, Pups Brin, Bax, Climbing, Travel....      
All students in my Science courses are wished the very best of luck!  Make SWCTA a great place and experience.  REMEMBER:  Life is what you make of it.  Learning takes work.  Live and LEARN!!!
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