Mrs. Gould
7-12 Social Studies Teacher
Wilson Jr-Sr High School
3005 Ave D
Wilson, KS
Wilson, KS  67490
United States
Phone: (785) 658-2202
Fax: (785) 658-2205
About me
Mrs. Gould has been teaching junior high and high school social studies for the past 22 years.
Classes taught by her include: Economics, American government, American history, World Geography and history, 8th grade social studies, & 7th grade Kansas history.

Normal office hours:  7:30 AM - 3:45 PM
Planning Period:  8:00-8:58 AM

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Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year!

This year students in 7-12th grades will be completing an All Star Program during the first semester.  This is a character development curriculum chosen by the school district designed to help students set goals for their future.  It is also designed to discourage risky behaviors in middle school and high school students.
Students will be doing one All Star lesson a week for 14 weeks.