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A dissertation is the conclusion of a long and painstaking research process. It is all the more important that your dissertation is a complete success and that the long commitment pays off!

Having your dissertation proofread is therefore absolutely recommended. Our cooperation partners have experienced Ph.D. proofreaders who will put your dissertation through its paces. Afterward, you can submit your dissertation with peace of mind.

Ph.D. proofreaders know exactly what to look for when proofreading your dissertation or thesis. They correct typos, errors in spelling and grammar, and incorrect punctuation.

They also eliminate inaccurate, subjective, or colloquial passages in the text and comment on sentences that are not understandable to a reader outside the field. This is because doctoral students in particular often become "operationally blind" and have problems expressing themselves in a comprehensible manner.

The proofreaders also pay attention to repetitions of language and content. They replace them with synonyms, for example, to make the sentence structure more varied.

If you write particularly long and intensively on a scientific paper, you can read it through as carefully as possible and still find errors. After all, you know some passages by heart and your eyes start to read over mistakes.

With our industry leader, proofreading and editing always go hand in hand. By default, you receive both services in one order.

Professional proofreading & editing of a dissertation is mandatory for almost all PhD students. Every year, several hundred doctoral students entrust us with the scientific editing and proofreading of their dissertation. Your supervising editor will correct grammar, spelling, punctuation as well as your writing style.

In addition, with our editing & proofreading of your dissertation, you will receive scientific feedback on any anomalies. With our more than 200 highly qualified subject editors, we support all common subject areas. You can have your dissertation proofread and edited in German, English (American and British English), Italian, French, and Spanish.

Experienced proofreaders for editing & proofreading your doctoral thesis The 250+ proofreaders on our outstanding team are among the best in academic editing and proofreading of dissertations and other academic papers. It consists of extremely experienced linguists, experts in various fields, Ph.D. research assistants, and lecturers. Every single one of our science editors is a native speaker of the target language in which your dissertation will be edited and proofread.

Our team of editors covers all subject areas multiple times. We proofread and correct dissertations e.g. from the following subject areas: social sciences, economics (marketing, business informatics, VWL, BWL), humanities, law, linguistics, natural sciences (chemistry, physics, biology), engineering (computer science, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering), psychology, education, medicine, and pharmacy. Your dissertation is therefore in very good hands!

English editing & proofreading - proofreading & editing for English dissertations We also receive a large number of English doctoral dissertations for proofreading and copy-editing. Our English proofreaders are native speakers and will proofread your dissertation in American and British English (American & British English).

Since there are peak times several times a year when many dissertations are submitted for editing and proofreading, you should use our free reservation service. Your work will then be proofread in a time frame that you can specify. After the reservation, you can concentrate on the completion of your work.

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