Dr. Shealy
Spanish Teacher
McNair Middle School
Dekalb County School District
Decatur, GA
United States
About me
I am a native Spanish speaker from the Republic of Panamá, but I always spoke English as well because my ancestors are from Jamaica. Most Panamanians speak English/Spanish interchangeably, and are called ambi-bilinguals; like ambidextrous (people who use both hands). Thus, as a bilingual person, I believe it is possible for anyone to speak more than one language. I have traveled the world and spoke with people who speak two, three, and even four languages. I am passionate, about teaching, but I am more passionate about teaching Spanish. I want my students to use the language skills that I am teaching them, and build on their English to become bilingual as well. Being bilingual is not a phenomenon, its a  innate ability that all humans beings have. So come with me and learn Spanish. Bienvenidos!!!! Music is a very big part of the Latin American culture. Please check out batanga.com where you can find all the Spanish music you want to hear, and be sure to listen to my favorite Latin American artists: Aventura, Elvis Crespo, Juan Luis Guerra, Marc Anthony, Mickey Tavera, y Olga Tañon... And I almost forgot Ricardo Arjona... Enjoy!!!!
Course Description: Modern Languages Connections
Georgia Performance Standards for Modern Languages Connections Middle School Grades
This Connections Spanish course focuses on the introduction of Spanish communicative competence and understanding of the Spanish culture.  It assumes that the students have no prior knowledge of the language and culture. This course will be taught over nine weeks (e.g., middle school programs). The major means of communication between students and instructor will be in Spanish. Because students are beginning formal language learning at this stage of their cognitive development, the instructor adjusts vocabulary and content to reflect developmentally appropriate interests. An important component of this language class is the use of the language beyond the classroom in the real world. The integration of technology is an important tool in accessing authentic information in Spanish and in obtaining the opportunity to interact with native speakers. By the end of this connections language course, students will exhibit Novice-Low level proficiency in speaking, listening, and reading and possibly Novice-Mid level proficiency in writing in accordance with (ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, 1999) as follows:
Student Profile (Connections)
ACTFL Listening Proficiency Guidelines (Novice-Low)
The understanding of the student is limited to occasional isolated words, such as cognates, borrowed words, and high-frequency social conventions. Essentially, there is no ability to comprehend even short utterances.
ACTFL Speaking Proficiency Guidelines (Novice-Low)
For speakers at the Novice-Low level, oral production consists of isolated words and perhaps a few high-frequency phrases. These speakers have virtually no functional communicative ability.
ACTFL Reading Proficiency Guidelines (Novice-Low)
The reader at the Novice-Low level is able to identify isolated words and/or major phrases occasionally, especially when they are strongly supported by context.
ACTFL Writing Proficiency Guidelines (Novice-Mid)
Writers at the Novice-Mid level are able to copy or transcribe familiar words or phrases, and reproduce from memory a modest number of isolated words and phrases in context. They can supply limited information on simple forms and documents, and other basic biographical information, such as names, numbers, and nationality. There is little evidence of functional writing skills.
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