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I fear for my daughter's safety, though, because she's naturally very busty. A rapist's wet dream. Last time I jacked off and jizzed into one of her bras, the tag said 32HH. She has positively enormous jugs and seems unable or unwilling to corral them with fabric. She never double penetration gifs wears a bra at home, and sometimes I can tell she isn't wearing one when she leaves for school. I assume on those days she has a date after school with some boy. Some lucky boy who gets to suck my daughter's giant breasts. It makes me painfully erect to think about her huge, naked titties in my face and mouth. I'm not ashamed to admit I want to screw my daughter. I've been watching those tits get bigger and bigger, and I'm tired of jacking off thinking about them. I want the real thing. I want to pull her into my lap and feel her up as I stick my tongue down her throat. I want to make love to those gigantic, soft breasts for hours. I want to suck and fuck her shaved cunt (in my fantasies, it's shaved) until she creams for her daddy. I want to plow her up the ass with my fat prick. But I don't have the nerve to make a move. What if she recoils at the thought of incest? What if she stops going braless around the house? What if she goes to live with her mother? At that very moment, an idea popped into my mind and my cock grew instantly hard. I slipped into her bedroom and selected a white, huge-cupped lace bra from her drawer. She wouldn't be home for hours, time enough for me to cum in this bra five times if I wanted to. As an afterthought, I strode across the room to my daughter's closet and began rifling through her laundry basket. Jackpot. I found gangbang gifs the lacy white g-string that matched the bra I was holding. It was a tiny slip of fabric and it smelled of sweet, fisting pussy gifs. My daughter's pussy. I sat on the edge of her bed, laid the big bra next to me, brought the panties to my nose, and breathed in. Heaven. The only thing better would be having her actual cunt in my face, slippery and drooling.
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