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"So how long have you known Dave?" I asked.

Aaron and I were having lunch at a burger joint. Kind of a Mom and Pop place, never really busy, but had great food.

"Quite a while," he replied between bites. "Maybe three years. He moved away last year, but I guess he's back."


"Okay, not really," Aaron confessed. "We've been buds for a long time, good buds as you can tell. He told me that you and him had gotten together and thought you'd be interested in expanding your horizons, so to speak."

"So he set me up with you at the adult bookstore," I said. I looked Aaron in the eyes, grinned and said, "Remind me to tell him thanks next time I see him."

"Thanks for understanding," Aaron said. "Hey, you have some time?"

"Sure," I said. "What do you have in mind?"

"I parked my car around back and was wondering."

"Let's go."

We walked out the front door, around the side, down an alley where there were three cars parked. Aaron clicked his doors open and we slid inside.

"You keep watch," he said. "I'll do the work."

This was crazy! Daytime; in a parking lot; okay more like an alley, but still. Of course, that didn't stop me as I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. Aaron grabbed it and with a couple of strokes, got it really hard. I watched out his window, through the windows of two other cars, as he started to suck.

From the car I could see down the alley and there were people on the sidewalk walking passed it. I rubbed my nipples over my T-shirt as he swirled the head of my dick with his wet tongue. Round and round he went then he slid his mouth down. Slow at first, then faster. I kept watch, kept seeing people, but no one coming in. Aaron moved up and down, up and down and I felt cum rising. Normally I'd have fought to keep it down and prolong the pleasure, but getting a blowjob in an alley, during the day was crazy, dangerous shit.

I started to cum, large spurts as Aaron swallowed. As I was coming I saw a guy entering the alley! He saw me and nodded. I nodded back. I grabbed Aaron's head and held it in place, whispering, "Don't get up."

The guy kept coming towards us, while I finished cumming. He stopped, reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of keys. He walked a bit closer then stopped at the car two spots over, slid the keys in and started the car. He looked over at me, smiled, and backed up.

"Holy shit," I said. "That was close. Dude, what the fuck? What would your wife say if you got cock sucking a cock?"

Aaron sat up and thought about it. "Probably wouldn't like it," he said. "But did you like it? I sure did."

I shook my head and replied, "Hell yeah I liked it. I always do, but we got to be careful man. Neither one of us would win if we get caught."

Aaron was silent for a minute then agreed. "You're right. But I'll tell you; you have to be the adult. If you think we shouldn't do it, we won't do it. Fair enough?"

I laughed and nodded, "Okay, fair enough." I opened the door and looked back in and said. "We good?"

"Fuck yeah," Aaron said. "We're good."

Life was good. Had a good girl in Cyndee and a nice group of butt buddies. You know, come to think of it, I thought, I hadn't had my ass fucked by Carl or Frank. I remember the first time I sucked Frank's dick I thought I wouldn't want it up my ass. But that was before the first time I had been ass fucked. I kind of thought it'd be pretty good about now. Hopefully he was in town; I knew his job had him traveling quite a bit. Later that night I got on the phone and sent Frank a text.

"How's it going?" After a couple of minutes he replied.

"Pretty good. What's up?"

"Have some free time this week? Maybe we could grab a beer or something." Three minutes later he replied.

"Going out of town tomorrow. How about tonight?"

Sweet, I thought. "Sure, I have some beer here if it's easier for you." He answered immediately.

"That sounds really good. Give me 30 minutes. Want me to bring anything?"

"Your cock if you're interested in messing around." That was pretty clear and up front.

"There in 30. "

I went to the kitchen and my phone dinged again. Wonder what Frank wanted? It was a text from Carl. "Got plans?"

For a second I thought of inviting him over, but I wanted some quality time with Frank. Okay, with Frank's dick. I texted him back.

"Busy tonight. What's up?"

He replied. "Girlfriend visiting Mom out of town."

"How about tomorrow?"

He replied. "What time is good for you?"

"Any time before 6 PM."

"Three o'clock work?"

"Great. See you then."

"Your place?"

"Yeah, we can decide what to do when you get here."

Thirty minutes later Frank was at the door. He had a bag in his hand; In n Out Burger.

"Brought some dinner in case we wanted to stay in," he said. I nodded and said that sounded good. I turned on the TV and we sat there shooting the breeze while trying to find something to watch. Finishing up, we settled in on a movie on Netflix. Go figure.

Half way through the movie Frank asked if I was still hungry.

"For your cock," I said with a smile. Frank looked at me, stood up, and headed towards the bedroom. "Come on," he said.

Within minutes we were naked. I moved towards him and dropped to my knees, his big cock nice and hard. I opened my mouth and started my usual tongue swirling.

"Yeah, that's what I been wanting all day," Frank said.

"You'll get that and more," I replied. I slipped his cock deeper into my mouth.

"Like what?" he asked.

I pointed to the condom and lube I had set upon the night stand. "My ass," I said quickly as I took my mouth off of his cock and then slipped it back onto his cock; up and down, up and down.

Frank began to slide his dick in and out of my mouth as I moved my lips up and down, swallowing when his dick hit the back of my throat. He liked that, I could tell, as he tightened his grip on my shoulders. Then I was slowly sliding down his cock, then up his cock, building that load. I loved the way he tasted and took my time sucking him. After a time I pulled my mouth off, got up and walked over to the night stand. Looking back I asked "Want to fuck me?"

Frank nodded his head, "Yeah, I want to fuck you."

I gave him a condom and bottle of lube then laid face down, on my knees, ass up, on the bed.

"No, on your back," he said as he slipped on the condom. "I want to look at you while I fuck you."

I flipped over, my cock rock hard. He put some lube on his two fingers then slipped the first, then the second up my ass. I was hot and the more I looked at the big fucking cock, the hotter I got.

Frank walked over to me and grabbed me by the legs. He pulled me towards him, up close, grabbed his cock and placed the head on my asshole. His eyes widened, he smiled and he pushed the head of his cock inside me.

Oh shit, it was big. I won't lie, it hurt a bit at first, but I really wanted it. He pushed deeper, I pushed back toward him and soon he was in; way in.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Fuck me Frank, fuck me."

He did. Slow and deep his dick glided. After the first few strokes my ass loosened up and it didn't hurt anymore; it felt good. I looked at him with eyes half closed and he told me to "jack off". I obeyed and grabbed my throbbing dick.

As I started to tug it up and down Frank began to fuck me faster. Bam, bam, bam; he slammed into me; stroke, stroke, stroke; I pulled my cock. I started to breathe quickly, exhaling every time Frank slammed into me, balls deep. I was going to cum.

"I'm cumming! Ahhhhhh!" I shouted. Frank just held my legs tighter and fucked me harder. I came and came; it felt like one long continuous spurt, my cock clamping down on that large cock. The first large glob of hot cum hitting my own face!

After what seemed like forever I stopped cumming, and Frank, seeing that I had, stopped fucking me and slowly pulled his cock out of my ass. He reached down and pulled the condom off his dick, tossing it to the floor. Grabbing my legs he spun me around so I was on the bed with my head on the edge. His dick was at my mouth, I opened wide and he slid it in. I tilted my head back, opening my throat. I wanted it all and so did Frank. Deeper and deeper he slid his cock till I thought I was going to choke. But I didn't and I felt his balls on my chin. Then he started to fuck my face, for lack of a better word.

In out, back and forth his cock slid into my mouth. Each time he hit my throat I held my breath, okay, I couldn't breathe. Frank reached down and grabbed my nipples, squeezing them hard as he kept pumping.

"You ready Tom," he asked. "I got a big load for you."

I couldn't answer, he knew that, but he wanted to give me a warning about what to expect. Swoosh; a large amount of hot cum shot out of his cock and into my mouth. He pulled back and more cum came out, he pushed forward into my now well lubricated mouth and shot more, then more, and more. I almost choked it was so much, but I swallowed it all. Or at least I thought I had. When Frank had pulled his cock out of my mouth he reached down and wiped some cum off of my face and took it to his mouth.

"Whew!" He said. "That was crazy good. That was one of the best ever, Tom. I owe you one."

I laughed, "With that cock, I want more than one."

"Any time good buddy." He continued," You know, all you have to do is give me a call. I love sucking your cock."

"And Dave's," I said, with a grin.

Frank laughed. "Yep, and Dave's and Aaron's and Carl's and Edwin's."

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That was new. "Edwin?"

"Oh yeah, you haven't met him. If you're interested let me know," he said. "He'd like you and you'd like him"

"Sounds good to me," Edwin; man, was my group of buddies expanding. Wait; did that make me a slut? I laughed and realized I didn't care! "Edwin."


Frank called me soon after.

"Tom, what're your plans for the next few days?" he asked.

I thought about it. "Free in the afternoon and evening, most of the time, what's up?" I could feel my dick starting to get hard.

"Well, I thought I'd introduce you to Edwin before I left," he replied. "We had plans to get together with you this weekend, do the intros, but I have to go out of town. Maybe we can do it earlier. He really wants to meet you."

Hmm, I thought. That's interesting. Well, if Frank likes him, it would be worth a try. And like I had mentioned to Frank before, I was definitely interested. "Sure, what works for you guys?"

We talked about it and decided tomorrow night wouldn't work for me as Cyndee was coming over. Friday night wouldn't work for him as he would be leaving town on Thursday. That left Wednesday, as Edwin was busy Tuesday.

"Cool" Frank said. "Wednesday it is. Meet me at that new restaurant, Piranhas, for dinner at seven. You know where it's at?"

"No, but I can Google it," I replied. "See you then."

Piranhas? I had heard good things about it and read some good reviews. I was looking forward to going. At least I'd get a good meal.

Wednesday came soon enough and I met Frank at the restaurant. We had reservations; the place wasn't full, but pretty crowded for the middle of the week.

We went to our table and ordered drinks. It was a little after seven and Edwin hadn't shown up.

"Edwin running late," I asked. "Still coming?"

Frank shook his head. "He's back there," he pointed towards the pass through window into the kitchen.


"He's off around eight," Frank went on to tell me that Edwin was helping with dinner and would come out here after we were finished.

"He's a cook?" I said as the waiter brought our drinks.

"No," Frank replied. "Chef; owner."

I looked at the menu and saw quite a few things of interest. We ordered, and made small talk until the food started to arrive. Edwin had graduated from culinary school many years before Frank told me, worked in some well know places, under some well-known chefs, and had opened multiple restaurants around the country. This was his third.

Dinner was superb from the service to the food. Right about eight, a slightly grey haired man came out and sat down with us. Frank introduced us; the waiter brought a glass of wine to Edwin, and we had a good time getting to know each other.

"I have a big day tomorrow," Frank said. "I have to be going."

"So soon," Edwin asked. "How about you Tom; are you in a hurry?"

"No, I'm in no rush." I replied.

Frank said his goodbyes and left. About fifteen minutes later Edwin said. "You know what; I need to get cleaned up. Want to come back to my place while I do it, then we can decide what to do."

I already knew what I wanted to do. Edwin was good looking, confident, and interesting to talk to.

"Sure, sounds good," I said. "Let me get my car and I'll follow you."

Edwin shook his head and finished his glass of wine. "I live upstairs. I got the check, you can leave the tip."

"Wow, thanks," I said.

"My pleasure; you ready?" he said as he stood up, slid in his chair, and waved to an attractive lady chef in the back

I finished my wine and nodded. After laying some cash on the table I got up and we walked out the front door. Turning left Edwin opened the door next to the restaurant entrance and we headed up stairs to a hallway. Three doors down, Edwin slipped a key into the lock and we went inside.

The place was laid out really well. Small hallway, living room, bar area, kitchen, I wondered how many bedrooms. Edwin threw his keys on the table, locked the door and started to unbutton his chef's coat.

"I'm going to take a shower," he said. "There's wine and beer behind the bar. Help yourself." He took off his shirt, was bare chested, and said with a smile. "Or you can take a shower with me. It's good sized; the shower." He turned and headed down the hall.

That was interesting. What to do? I thought about it and looked down the hall towards the open bedroom door. Edwin turned the light on in the bathroom and stood there naked; turning his hands palms up in a questioning manner and said "Shower?"

"Yes." I walked down the hall into his bedroom, and began to take off my clothes. He turned the water on and I went inside. He was right; it was good sized, plenty of room for both of us, a third person when needed.

We showered leisurely. I admired his body, his movements. My cock began to get hard a couple of times, but as his wasn't (yes, I was looking), I'd turn away and think "clean" thoughts to get it down. After about ten minutes, thoroughly clean, he exited the shower. I finished up and turned off the water. Edwin handed me a towel and as I dried off he went into the bedroom. He came back wearing a plush white robe and had one in his hands.

"Here," he said. "Take your time and I'll meet you in the living room."

When I had finished, I went out there. Edwin was behind the bar pouring two glasses of wine. He came around the bar and handed me a glass. I thanked him and tasted it; it was what I had been drinking in the restaurant earlier.

"Do you mind if we stay here?" he asked. "I've had a long day and I have an early morning tomorrow." He turned on some music and sat down in a large recliner.

"Sure," I said. "That was an amazing dinner."

We sat through a glass of wine and halfway through another and nothing physical had happened. Maybe he didn't like me, I thought.

"I should go," I said. He smiled and nodded. We got up and headed towards the bedroom, where I had left my clothes. As I took off my robe he tapped my shoulder from behind. I turned around, he was naked, and he was very hard.

His hand dropped to my arm and he pulled me close. "Can't you stay?" he asked. "I think we could have a good time."

He came closer, leaned in a bit and stroked my hair. I closed my eyes as I could feel his breath on my face. He gently pulled back my head, exposing my neck to him and licked it slowly; once, twice, three times. Letting go he said "Get on the bed." I did.

Lying on my back, in the center of the bed he said," No, no your stomach." Oh, I get it, I thought. I rolled over onto my knees and presented my ass. He climbed on the bed, moved forward and gently pushed be totally flat. He straddled my waist; I could feel his thick cock on my back and leaned forward. He began to rub his hands along my body, following them with light kisses and licks of his tongue.

Holy shit! This felt wonderful. I moved my body a bit to try and get my now rock hard cock into a comfortable position. He continued moving down my body, kissing, rubbing and licking, along my ass, between the cheeks and to the legs.

After a few minutes, after he had reached my feet, he slowly rolled me over onto my back. My cock stood at attention, he looked me in the eyes and smiled. Then he repeated his exploring of my front as he had done my back. Starting from the top kissing me lightly at first, then a little more forceful when I didn't resist; how could I? My cock ached!

His hands on my nipples, followed by his tongue, were magical. I had never experienced this, a man doing these magical things to my body. Finally he reached my waist, then down my left leg. He went down to my foot, licked it then back up to my waist. Moving his mouth over my cock he breathed hotly over it then moved to my right leg. By now I was breathing pretty deeply in anticipation. He did my right leg as he had my left and back over my cock.

He grabbed my hand and put it on my cock, "You do it," he said. As I did he walked over to a cabinet and pulled out s shot glass and a bottle of Irish Cream Liqueur. He filled the shot glass while I stroked my dick.

Back on the bed, he removed my hand and slowly poured a drizzle of the liqueur on my cock, his mouth swiftly following before it could drip too far down. Slowly he sucked and slid his mouth up and down, pulled back and licked his lips. He placed the shot glass to his mouth, then onto my cock. The liquid on my cock made me catch my breath, again, as he moved up and down, ever so slowly.

The he placed the shot glass to his mouth a third time, emptied the contents, and brought it to my mouth. I opened my mouth, our lips locked as his tongue dove in, the liqueur swirling about. As I swallowed the liqueur and his tongue, he stroked my cock. I wanted to cum so fucking badly, but it wasn't happening yet.

The doorbell rang and he looked up. "Give me a minute," he said matter of factly. He got up and headed towards the front door, grabbing a robe on the way. Not sure what to do I grabbed a robe and put it over me.

"Sweetheart," he said as he opened the door and a tall lady walked in. They kissed and he shut the door. I was in the dimly lit bedroom; the door closed most of the way. I could see out, but luckily, couldn't be seen from outside. At least I thought so.

Edwin went out of my sight, the lady staying where she was, her gaze following him. He came back and handed her an envelope. She smiled and opened his robe, grabbing his now soft cock. She bent over, put it in her mouth and sucked for a few seconds, getting back up and rubbing his face with her hand. As she turned to leave he caressed her ass, she laughed and left. Closing the door, Edwin returned back to the bedroom.

"Sorry about the interruption," he said. "Girlfriend needed to pick up something. Now where were we?" Grinning he slipped out of his robe, threw mine onto the floor and straddled my legs.

He grabbed my hard again cock and rubbed it against his lips, then face, all time locking eyes with me. My balls ached, my cock throbbed in anticipation. Widening his eyes, he dropped his mouth on my cock and dove downwards, taking it all. Up and down, slowly then quickly, changing it up and massaging my balls. My breath was ragged; this was incredible, better than anything before, girl or guy. His tongue swirled around my head, then down he would plunge. After a few minutes he let my cock slip out of his mouth, and stood at the edge of the bed.

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