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Low Platform King Size Bed Review

Low platform king size beds have a unique aspect of fitting in all room sizes, layouts, and décor. They save space and give a bedroom a luxurious vibe due to its large size. These beds can accustom to various styles that interior designers and owners want to achieve, such as mid-century style, oriental minimalism style, show-stopping styles, and a modern classic style. Therefore, individuals can be as versatile as possible with a low platform king size bed.

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Benefits of a low platform king size bed.

• The bed takes up less wall space as the bed has a low headboard.
• It allows easy implementation of wall art and accent walls due to its low headboard.
• When placing the bed against a neutral wall, individuals quickly achieve simplicity.
• It is suitable for houses and bedrooms with large windows as it allows light to flow in freely.
• The bed is ideal for multiple rooms, such as loft bedrooms, attic conversions, and rooms with slopping ceilings.

1) McGovern Platform Bed.

This bedroom furniture piece is simplistic with clean and bold lines, thus creating a soothing and contemporary feel. Its construction material comprises of thick and durable steel with manufactured wood.
• It has ten slats.
• The headboard measures 8.5 inches in height.
• The furniture piece has a weight capacity of 500 pounds.
• No need for a box spring.
• Primary materials: metal and manufactured wood.
• The furniture piece's assembly is easy, with a minimal workforce of two.
• A 5-year warranty backs it.
• Has maximum support due to ten slats that are 3 inches apart.
• The slats have non-slip tapes that keep the mattress from moving and slipping.
• Easy to assemble.
• The metal bed frame makes the bed rust-resistant.
• The bed only accommodates mattresses that are 10 to 123 inches thick.

2) The Pimlico bed.

The bedroom furniture piece is extremely attractive as it possesses soft, curved edges on its headboard and legs. Consequently, it is suitable for individuals set to achieve a mid-century vibe. Its primary material is hardwood timber, thus sturdy.
• No headboard bracket included.
• No need for a box spring.
• The product's weight capacity is approximately 1400 pounds.
• The product’s weight is about 67 lbs.
• It has an under-bed space of 22 centimeters.
• The headboard height from the floor is 69 cm.
• No tools needed for assembly.
• The slat support system gets rid of the need for a box spring.
• The bed possesses a high weight capacity of 1400 pounds.
• Backed by a commercial and product warranty.
• The warranties only last for 90 days.

3) Avey Platform Bed.

This furniture is an essential bedroom furniture piece. It has a sleek bedframe and clean-cut edges, thus suitable for those opting for a minimalist style.
• It is a lightweight bed, thus suitable for movers.
• Ideal for small bedrooms.
• The bed has a large headboard, therefore, avails an artistic flair to the room.
• Its dark finish makes it suitable for multiple rooms.
• Pocket friendly as it is cheap.
• Sturdy.
• Easy and fast to put together.
• It squeaks a lot.
• The product scratches and leaves indentations on the floors.
• Low weight capacity of 500 lbs.

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4) Merrinda Upholstered Platform Bed.

The bed consists of a natural wood bed frame with a rectangular headboard and linen upholstery. The bed adequately supports your mattress as it has a slat support system.
• The piece weighs 161 lbs.
• The bed has no footboard.
• Its underbed space is 8 inches.
• Characterized by tapered corner and center legs.
• There is no box spring required.
• The product has 13 slats that are 2 inches apart.
• The slat support system avails maximum support.
• The mattress gets to aerate properly due to the slats.
• Its splayed, tapered legs make the bed sturdy.
• No need for a box spring.
• Low weight capacity.
• It only supports mattresses that measure 8 inches thick.

5) Pauletta Platform Bed.

The bed's outstanding characteristic is its sleek metal structure accented with solid finished wood. This structure results in a quality piece as it is stable and avant-garde. The bed is favorable for those who enjoy beds close to the floor and those who own taller mattresses.
• The primary construction materials are solid wood and metal.
• Under-bed space is 5 inches.
• No footboard bracket.
• No box spring is required.
• The product’s weight is 102.51 lbs.
• An efficient slat support system whose slat width is 2.84 inches apart.
• The slat system has 13 slats.
• The salts have non-slip tapes that keep the mattress in place.
• Easy and quick to assemble.
• It is incredibly sturdy.
• Accompanied by a 5-year warranty.
• The slats support the mattress adequately, thus extending its life.
• The slat system allows aeration of the mattress inhibiting mold and mildew growth.
• The product has a low weight capacity of approximately 500 pounds, thus not suitable for heavy people and active couples.

6) Rhoton Low profile platform bed.

This bedroom piece is perfect for designers and individuals who seek to achieve modern mixed with minalimist vibes due to its bold clean lines. The bed is crafted with steel metal and manufactured wood with a matte black finish.
• An open headboard.
• No box spring is required.
• Wooden slat support system.
• 7inches of under space.
• No footboard brackets.
• It has a low-profile headboard that is suitable for all decors.
• The steel frame is thick; thus, the bed is sturdy and durable.
• The center legs offer the bed longevity ad strength.
• Accompanied by an easy and understandable set of instructions.
• Easy and quick to assemble.
• A 5-year warranty covers the bed.
• It is heavy to move around.


Low platform beds date back to Japanese culture. However, they are incorporated into modern designs to achieve various designs. Additionally, they come with numerous benefits such as cold temperature as it is near the bed, fewer risks for those who often fall off from beds, makes waking up more relaxed, and getting into and out of king size platform bed is a way of working out thus helps one start the day properly. Considering the aspects and benefits of a low platform bed, what more could an individual seek from a bed?