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Data collection methods used in qualitative research - 2022


Student or a researcher? In both cases, you are required to do research to get through your academic life. One cannot underestimate the research conducted by a student. In social sciences, students are required to do qualitative research much more than quantitative research. Some individuals look for a professional essay writer for the completion of their papers.

In qualitative research, you are required to record your observations and the result of your research in non-mathematical terms. This is the basic difference between qualitative research and quantitative research. I took the time to figure this out. There were times when I sat down to write my essay and mentioned the wrong data collection method. The difference between qualitative and quantitative research is that of the form (statistical or non-statistical) in which results are recorded.

It is usually believed that experiments and surveys are done only in quantitative research. People judge quantitative research from a qualitative one on the use of mathematical equations in the research paper but that is not the right criteria. As stated earlier, it is the form in which you record your findings that determines the type of your research. 

The common methods of data collection used in qualitative research are, case studies, interviews, focus group discussions, and human observations or counsel professional writer service.


Case Studies

In a case study, a personal essay writer chooses a case that they study from different aspects. For instance, a person conducting research on civil wars might take Syria as a case study, because a civil war is going on in Syria. A case study is like an example that proves the theory and hypothesis of your research. You will have to conduct a detailed study of your case, which could be a person, region, or event, over a period of time.



In interviews, you ask structured and semi-structured questions from your respondents. They can be either formal or informal. Interviews are a widely used method to collect data in Qualitative Research. You can either prepare a set of questions that you will be asking or you can simply have a rough idea about them. You can record the interviews or write down the answers one by one. The paper writing service writers help you in completing the academic assignment. 


Focus Group Discussions

In focus group discussions a small group of people is allowed to interact to take observations and record their opinions. Everyone is allowed to talk in the group and in a single session, multiple viewpoints are recorded. It is usually kept small so that everyone in the group gets the chance to speak. These FGDs are usually recorded but you can write down your answers as well. Or You can create a request for I need someone to write my essay.

Human Observations

Seems pretty simple because humans are always observing but in qualitative research, you can conduct an in-depth observation of your case or subject. You record them carefully and then test your hypothesis against them. You may participate with the subjects of your observation or you can observe as a third person without participating. Observations are your first-hand experience with any subject. It is usually employed when sufficient secondary sources are not available or you are conducting new research.

These data collection methods in qualitative research are surely going to help you. Even if you buy essays online the same research methods would be used. You would be required to practice them a little in order to master them.

Since it is hard to conduct experiments in social sciences, qualitative research in social sciences replaces experiments with case studies. But surveys can be widely used in social sciences even when they are considered a quantitative data collection method. So if you record the results of your findings in qualitative terms then your research would be qualitative. You can also take help from the EssayWriter.College writers.