Mrs. Dobbins
Computer Skills/Exploring Careers
Hope Mills Middle School
4975 Cameron Road
Hope Mills, NC  28348
United States
Phone: 910-425-5106
About me
I am Jennifer Dobbins, your Computer Skills Teacher.   My students have proven to be successful when they do some study time at home.  I  try to be proactive to insure all students understand the lesson. In class, I am able to give you PowerPoint presentation handouts of the competency we are going over as notes. Utilizing those PowerPoint slides we write notes to make the lesson meaningful. I will also give an assignment to re-enforce what was learned in class. We concentrate on note taking and the overall understanding of the competency for one week.

Exploring Careers is design to help the students explore different careers and help them decide what they want to be in life.  Exploring Careers is also contributes to the develoment of a career plan.
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