Mr. Nyce
Lower Merion High School
Lower Merion
301 E Montgomery Ave
Ardmore, PA  19003
United States
Phone: 610-645-1810
About me
I am a High School Mathematics Teacher, and have been since Fall of 2002.  I started at Palisades High School in Upper Bucks County for 2 years before moving to my current school, Lower Merion High School in the fall of 2004.  I have taught classes ranging from Basic Math all the way up to Calculus and AP Statistics. 
I enjoy math because I believe it is the most applicable of the subjects.  I have worked in construction in the summers and am constantly using math to help me be a productive employee.  Math also helps us to predict weather, amount of daylight that will occur during a given day, temperature, tidal highs and lows, gas mileage, costs, salaries, taxes, and many more everyday occurences.  
I hope that after being in my class you will not only understand math more, but enjoy it and its many uses.
I am a proud father of 2 children, Abby, my 8 yr old daughter, and Nolan, my 6 yr old son.
I also coach the Varsity Baseball team at Lower Merion.
The use of this internet tool is for both extra practice resources as well as a quick way for me to determine who does and who does not "get it."  By being able to do a quick analysis of types of problems, I can determine what topics I need to stress more in the classroom to help you better understand Mathematics.