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As a whole new class of college graduates begins to enter the workforce, job seekers new to the market need to ramp up their search in order to show they are employable. Despite mixed reviews about this year's job market for the class of 2020, 54% of hiring managers recently surveyed said they plan to hire graduates this year, with the most openings expected in the IT, health care, accounting and sales sectors. Career consultant Maria C. Forbes told the Dunwoody Crier that one of the best things recent college graduates can do is assemble a well-crafted resume that highlights their accomplishments and interpersonal skills. "This dimension of your mind is your instinctive problem solving strengths, your natural insistence for problem solving action," Forbes told the news agency. "You were born with it. It is your instinctive modus operandi, or MO. Your MO is not a function of education or experience. It is how you are wired to take action." Recent college graduates may also want to look for resume samples online for examples of what employers might want to see. According to the best resume writing services, there were approximately 3.7 million job openings in the U.S. as of April 2020.