Mrs. Gilley
Mathematics Instructor
Kent County High School
25301 Lambs Meadow Road
Worton, MD  21678
United States
Phone: 410 778 4540
About me
I have been a mathematics instructor since 2002, prior to this I was a Vice President for Operations at a national commercial real estate investment trust company, and worked in the high tech telecommunications industry in the Washington DC metropolitan area.
My husband was a cameraman for CNN, and a freelance news photographer while we lived just outside DC.  We relocated to rural Kent County Maryland to enjoy a more rewarding pace of life that allowed us to enjoy nature, bird watching, gardening, and the water activities we so love while still being close to our family and long-time friends in Maryland and Virginia.
My husband is a proud graduate of James Madison University, while I am  Duke University Alumna, and avid college basketball fan.  Go Devils!  We love music, movies, playing games with friends and family, traveling, and enjoying life.  As our return address sticker proclaims:  Success is a journey - ENJOY!
Mathematics is THE universal language and in today's global economy it is critical that everyone develop confidence and skill mastery with numeracy, logical reasoning, and problem solving.  These are as important to life long learning and success as literacy.  While in general business, too often I heard successful adults claim "they were no good in math" and that's just not so.  Every successful adult uses math skills, especially problem solving and reasoning, every day, and the disciplined habits of mind that are built through various mathematics curricula are essential life skills.  I became a math teacher, to help young adults eliminate any "fear" or dislike of mathematics that is borne of feeling "defeated" by the subject matter.  With persistence, hard work, and flexible thinking that allows one to see things different ways, everyone can master math and harness its universal power to help achieve lifetime dreams.  As the saying goes:  "Do MATH and you can do ANYTHING!"  I look forward to meeting and working with each of you.
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