Ms. Gotterbarn
7th Grade Math
Indian Trail Middle School
307 Car-Mol Drive
Johnson City, TN 37601
Phone: 423-610-6000
Fax: 423-610-6010
Unit 3
Proportions: How are proportuions used to solve real world problems?
Essential Questions:
How do you use proportions to find unknown variables?
How do you solve percent problems using proportions?
How are discounts, markups, sales tax, and tips calculated?
How is simple interest calculated?
How do you calculated the percent of increase or the percent of decrease?
How would you write number sentences to solve real world problems using ratios and percents?
How are proportions used to solve problems involving the use of scale?
How are scale factors used to find the relationship between length, area, and volume?
What steps are used to find an unknown value by using indirect measurement?
How do you solve real world problems using ratio quantities?
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