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About me
I have a doctorate in educational leadership as well as a Masters of Arts in Education with a specialty for electronic distance learning, MasTers in Biology courses, especially molecular genetics, and BS in Biology. 
I was privileged to receive  the HHMI educational Science grant for two years to study at Princeton molecular biology from 2002 and 2004
My research interests are evolutionary biology, biological science,  and student learning styles in different learning environments are my focus.
I have mentored and taught undergraduate and graduate science and education students.
I designed online science courses for Seton Hall University, FDU, and the Gaussian Institute for Math and Science.  I have developed a middle school science courses as well as a Review course for AP Biology and Olympiad Competition.
I am a certified in AP Bio and  AP Chemistry, have taught all levels of Biology, Life Sciences, Mendelian Genetics,  Evolution, Honors General  chemistry, organic chemistry, Microbiology, and Human Anatomy and Physiology with Pathophysiology.
I can review and assist school districts in their establishing of online courses especially for sciences courses.  I have a presntation for teachers to learn how to properly use computer technology in the classroom.
I am an Adjunct Professor at SHU in the Biology Department and  FDU for the Graduate Math and Science extension program.
I can also assess and evaluate corporate online training needs.
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