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Spanish Instructor
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Pembroke Pines, FL
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About me
Welcome to Spanish I. I'm looking forward to working with you this coming year.

Few things to remember:

First of all the mission of WBH is to demonstrate integrity, respect and dignity by creating lifelong learners in a safe and trusting environment and the vision is building a spirit of collaboration and pride.  To grow a community of self-reliant young adults who will explore and challenge their individual talents for future success.

This means that you have to respect everybody all the time and that you must be a responsible student. Make sure you come to class prepared. Bring paper, pens, pencils everyday to class. Do your homework and review what we do in class.

If you are absent for a quiz or a test, it is your responsibility to set up an appointment with me to retake it before/after school or during lunch. If the quiz or test is posted on line, make sure to take it. Check your class webpage carefully everyday.

Take some time and do the activities and quizzes listed on your class page. It's an easy way to get extra-credit.

To view your syllabus, go to your class page. Make sure you print out the acknowledgement form and turn it duly signed by you and your parents.

ATTENTION PARENTS - grades on Pinnacle have been categorized. Green=homework; yellow=classwork; red=tests; blue=quizzes; purple=pre-tests

Your Final Grade is calculated as follows:

Daily Class Activities/Projects: 40%- Tests: 30%- Quizzes: 20%- Homework:10%

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