Mrs. Gordon
3rd Grade Homeroom
Trinity Lutheran School
4560 Glendale Avenue
Toledo, Ohio 43614
Phone: 419-385-2301
Fax: 419-385-2636
About me
I have been happily married (to the same guy) for over thirty-three years, and have a terrific daughter.  I graduated from Bowling Green State University, with a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Teaching in 2009. Teaching is not just a career, but a passion.  The fact that I am working in a school that allows for the opportunity to share my faith on a daily basis, makes the position even more enjoyable.  I strive to facilitate learning by engaging the children in a wealth of hands-on activities.  To further enhance learning, our school has installed Smartboards in several classrooms. I am excited that such innovative technology has been added to our school, and acknowledge that such methods are more conducive to life-long learning,  promoting critical thinking skills. As our world becomes more and more globally connected through technology, the importance of teaching technology becomes a critical facet in the education process.  I enjoy reading, sailing, jet-skiing, snorkeling, exploring technology, and playing with our dogs, a greyhound, Norma, and a part golden retriever, Muttley, and my grandbaby dog Willy, a minature dachshund.
The importance of having a sound Biblical philosophy of education cannot be overemphasized. In referring to the importance of developing a distinctively Christian philosophy, more Christian educators are beginning to realize that to be truly Christian, the curriculum must be Bible integrated in theory and practice. By this, the Bible is to provide more than theoretical guidance and generalization. It is to be a vital part of the content of the curriculum, and integrated with all subject matter. The Bible should be the integrating factor around which all other subject matter is correlated and arranged, and provides the criterion by which all other subject matter is judged.  The most important aspect of my teaching responsibility is to help children know Jesus on a personal level, and encourage them to share their faith on a daily basis. Incorporating scripture into my daily lessons helps to accomplish this goal.
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