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It all started . . . I was about to write "so innocently", but the truth is that it didn't start all that innocently. There was always an element of sin and fascination in the making of The Film. To begin with, anyway, there were four of us: Vanessa, Kelly, Daisy and myself futanari gif. I was separated from them in more than one way. I was the only guy, for a start. Then there was the fact that Kelly and Daisy were art students, and Vanessa was a film major, and I was a literature boy. But we shared common ground in that we all liked film and art and books, and there was also a certain will to hip, plus a dislike of rigid boundaries. So it was that, in the first two years of us knowing each other, I had a fling with both gamine, dark-haired Kelly and also hippyish, red-haired, cheerful Daisy, and each of them at various times also had a bit of a thing with curly-haired, earnest, round-faced, long-nosed Vanessa. I for my part was on the skinny side, with short-cropped dark brown hair, and I had a couple of piercings and a modest tattoo, as did we all. So we were linked by more than just interests. We had some intimate knowledge of each other, if not all that much. If anything, Kelly marginally preferred boys while Daisy marginally preferred girls, while Vanessa was so determinedly intellectual that it was hard to tell what she was into. I was flattered by the friendship of these three very interesting young women. We liked to think of ourselves as a Group of like-minded people. We read the most interesting books, saw the best films, went to the coolest art shows and had the smartest opinions. None of which quite explains how we came to make The Film. The Film was, I guess, interesting, but it was also quite a bit more than that. It went somewhere very unusual. It began when we were watching a bad Roger Corman movie one nightincest hentai. Vanessa noticed, as she tended to do, that the films followed a rigid pattern; there would be a point somewhere at which one or more of the women would get her clothes off and then there would be a more or less consensual sex scene. If there were monsters, chances are that one of them would molest one or more of the women. Vanessa used to find that kind of thing really irritating. "How come there are never any movies where the men get molested!" she complained. "Who wants to watch that?" I said. "I would," she said. "so would I," said Kelly, grinning. "Oh god yeah," said Daisy. "Really?" I said manga gif. "To see a man being the object of desire?" said Vanessa. "Sure, why not?" "Alex," said Kelly, 'do you know how many movies we watch in which the women are the ones who get fingered or stripped or ogled or raped? I'd love to watch a man in that position. To see him be that vulnerable." "Nothing sexier than a vulnerable man," affirmed Daisy. "What kind of thing do you mean?" I asked. " . . . I dunno," said Kelly, "just . . . maybe if it was men being molested by a monster. Yeah." "Ohmigod," said Daisy fervently. 'so hot." "Yeah," said Vanessa, "if it was men . . . I'd love to see that in a anime hentai gif stuff." "Genius," said Vanessa.
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