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Rice Purity Test is to see how pure you are. It deducts points for activities done. It has 100 questions, and the lower the score you get, the more things you did and the less pure you are.
Rice Purity Test also called a personality test, which is the survey created by Rice University situated in Houston, Texas. Rice University is trying to research intimate life through the various questions related to society, educations, criminal records, and many more. There are total hundred questions that help in assessing the innocence of a person. The rice purity scores vary from 0% to 100%. The 100% reflect the person is pure as gold, and 0% shows the person is pathetic or can say least pure. The Rice Purity test has created for fun, and students love to check their personality. Rice Test scores make them realize their character and help them to improve. Do not worry. The we never reveals your information; you will be kept anonymous. This purity test sounds one of the best surveys created by Rice University to know your personality in a better way instead of asking about yourself from the experts. All the 100 questions are structured in such a way to make you go in profound realization about yourself, which has not been ever before. Start Below sample test and get your complete purrity test at https://www.ricepuritytests.net