ScholarSkills Online: Raising Grades by Making Technology Easy for Teachers and Excellence Exciting for Students
ScholarSkills Regents and Standardized Test Preparation Center
4705 Ave. N
Brooklyn, NY  11234
United States
Phone: 718 258 4647
Welcome to ScholarSkills Online where students are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed on state exams such as the Regents.  Our coursework is delivered online so that students can learn at their own pace and at any time. 

All coursework is dynamic, interactive, and coordinated with state standards and syllabuses.  ScholarSkills also provides face-to-face Regents Review classes online.  Students "enter" these live classes from home or school and are able to see their teachers, ask questions, and write on the electronic whiteboard. 

Registered students are graded online, and comprehensive reports and evaluations of their work are available to parents and teachers.

If you want your students to have success on important tests, if you want them to get Regents-Ready, then enroll them in ScholarSkills. 

For more information, or a product demonstration, please call us at 1866-716-6284, or email us at