Mrs. Draughn
Business Education Teacher
North Duplin Jr/Sr High School
1388 West 403 Highway
Mt Olive, NC  28365
United States
Phone: 919-658-3051
About me
This course is designed to provide hands-on instruction in basic computer hardware components and software applications. Emphasis is placed on extending and reinforcing touch keying skills while providing experience for learning word processing, database, spreadsheet, graphics, multimedia, and telecommunications applications. Communication skills and basic mathematical concepts are reinforced in this course. Workbased learning strategies appropriate for this course are field trips and job shadowing. Simulations, projects, teamwork, and FBLA leadership activities, meetings, conferences, and competitions provide opportunities for application of instructional competencies.

OVERALL COURSE GOALS:  After completing this course, each student is expected to:
Examine the role of hardware and software.
Analyze technology issues
Reinforce keyboarding technique and document processing skills.
Utilize word processing and desktop publishing software.
Utilize spreadsheet software.
Utilize database software
Utilize multimedia/presentation graphics software

The grade for the semester will be determined as follows:
1st six-weeks--------25%
2nd six-weeks-------25%
3rd six-weeks--------25%
VoCats Exam---------25%   

My classroom rules align with those listed in the North Duplin Student Handbook. However specific emphasis for a computer lab is placed on the following:
1.  All food and drink should be kept away from the computers.  If items are noticed, they will be confiscated and thrown out.
2.  Leaving the class for any reason requires permission
3.  Respect for peers, teachers, and equipment is expected.
4.  Professional and appropriate language is required.
5.  The background, screen saver, pointers, etc. on the computers in the classroom should remain unchanged.

To gain the most out of this class, students are expected to follow the rules and procedures. There are also consequences that address what they are doing wrong and that present appropriate behavior. In extreme or repeated cases, I will use the administrative options North Duplin provides.

"Please come to class ready to work and learn. This will be an exciting year for all of us."
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