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About me
Welcome to your Spanish class. I guess you're interested in knowing a little about your teacher. Well, I started studying Academic Spanish in middle school.

At the school I went to in Pacifica California we didn't have the opportunity to start learning academic Spanish until the seventh grade, which is when I did. I liked Spanish and did well in it in high school, so I continued to study it throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies in behavioral science , during which time I also spent time living in Peru and Spain. Since college, I have maintained my Spanish by seeking out opportunities to travel and study, and with my Spanish-speaking friends and family.

As you may have guessed, one of my favorite things to do is travel. My travels have taken me all over Western Europe, to parts of Eastern Europe, to  Mexico, and South America. I've been able to become more proficient in Spanish, and learned Catalan, in the process. I also met my wife a Catalan woman who I met in Spain.

Some ask how a teacher can afford to travel so much? Well, I've never been rich, but I have sought out opportunities to travel. One way to travel is to travel on a strict budget. Some opportunites that I had was travel through Spain walking through ¨el camino de santiago¨ where pilgrims are allowed to stay for free in hostiles.

I strongly encourage anyone interested to travel as much and as early in life as possible. It's a life-changing experience that I have seen deepen the character and widen the perspective of many people.

Other things I like to do in my free time are: hike, mountain bike, listen to music, and spend time with my family and my friends. As many people did, I came to Colorado for the mountains and stayed because of the beautiful climate throughout the year. I came in 1995, and spending time outside is still my favorite passtime.

As far as teaching goes, this is my seventh year teaching .  I feel priviliged to have been able to follow my dream of teaching.

I guess that covers the basics. If you want to know more about your teacher, come talk some time. I am always glad to learn more about my students.

Sr. Itskovsky

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