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Similarities & Differences between Expository and Analytical Essays

            Students are made to write every type of essay in schools and colleges, be it expository, argumentative, analytical, or persuasive. These types sometimes confuse the students and they don’t know how to proceed with them.


In this post, you’ll find a comparison of expository and analytical essays, but first, we’ll define both. However, you can get help from an expert essay writer online for further details.


An expository essay is an explanation and description of a certain idea, theme, issue, or problem, whereas, an analytical essay is an examination, analysis, and interpretation of an idea, issue, theme, book, or any work of art. What they have in common and what are their differences, in the theme of this post. You can also find help from paper writing service.



  • In both expository and analytical essays, you make a claim which is stated in the form of a thesis statement that gives the reader a clear indication of what you have set out to do. You give an introduction to the topic in both types of essays. The thesis statement is usually given at the end of the introductory paragraph. 
  • Secondly, you have to provide evidence to support your thesis. You furnish as many facts and figures as you can gather to convincingly explain your claim. 
  • Both involve a conclusion where you sum up your arguments and restate the thesis you have proved in your essay painstakingly. 
  • Both types of essays involve a writer’s personal response or observation of the topic at hand.

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However, along with these similarities, both these types of essays have several differences also. 



            Both expository and analytical essays have several essential differences that will be discussed below.

  • As mentioned above, an expository essay is essentially an explanation and description of a certain idea, theme, issue, or problem. Whereas, an analytical essay intends to examine, analyze, and interpret an idea, issue, theme, book, or any work of art.


Therefore, a major part of an analytical essay involves your analysis or take on the thing being discussed unlike an expository essay where the writer investigates, evaluates, expounds, and sets forth his or her argument in a lucid and concise manner.  

  • In an expository essay, one thing you should keep in mind is that you must not wander from your topic or the argument you are trying to prove. You have to stick to the topic.

Whereas, in an analytical essay, you can discuss and relate different ideas and themes that are relevant to your primary idea. As it is your analysis, you are not bound to remain confined to the main argument you are trying to prove.

            These are some similarities and differences between expository and analytical essays and you need to keep in mind the difference if you want to distinguish between essays. Knowing the differences will render a conceptual clarity about different types of essays.


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