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With the recognition of small electronics and new battery expertise, we regularly hear that “lithium is the way in which of the long run.” In many ways, lithium has proven to be helpful for hand-held electronics and excessive dollar electrical vehicles. But for many other industrial functions, like within the golf automotive trade, lithium doesn’t always add up.

When it’s time for a brand new set of batteries in your golf automotive, lithium sounds like a good different for lots of the well-liked reasons, including no maintenance and a seemingly environmentally friendly footprint. Taking a better look, however, we will see that switching to lithium in golf vehicles is not limited to easily swapping out a set of batteries.

facts of lithium ion battery

The information are that lithium batteries require a new charger and a Battery Monitoring System, an on-board computer often known as a BMS. The BMS screens every cell individually and regulates cost and discharge for cell balancing and safety. The BMS should talk with a charger that's able to studying the BMS communication protocol. This isn't required for lead-acid batteries.

With operational costs being a serious concern for anyone with a golf automobile fleet, it’s important to point out that there's the initial cost of a lithium iron phosphate pack (LiFePO4), plus the required extra equipment necessary to operate it. A single LiFePO4 cell has a nominal voltage of three.2 volts, thus requiring 15 cells in collection for a forty eight-volt pack. The common retail price of one 100 Ahr (amp-hour) cell is $a hundred and fifty five, placing the pack price at $2325. A appropriate BMS and charger value $290 and $1075 respectively. Altogether, a conversion would value $3690 and will present a reported 2000 cycles at a lower vitality content material of 4800 watt-hours vs 7200 watt-hours for a comparable flooded lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer.

When evaluating the costs, (see the chart beneath) you'll be able to see that for a forty eight-volt pack, you should buy 4 12-volt lead-acid batteries for about $640 retail. That will get you round a hundred and fifty Ahr and 750 or more cycles with no additional tools needed. Overall, the flooded lead-acid battery pack will deliver more energy per cycle at a decrease cost per kilowatt-hour on every cycle by an element of over 3:1.

Lithium batteries are additionally touted because the “inexperienced” various to steer-acid because they do not comprise lead or corrosive supplies. The facts are, however, that lead-acid golf automotive batteries are recycled at a rate of 97-99 %, with the recycled lead going back into new golf car batteries, not the setting. The recycling infrastructure of lead-acid batteries is a closed loop process that more than pays for itself, whereas recycled lithium hardly ever goes back into new batteries because of the high price of recycling.
For golf programs and golf car fleets intent on reducing working prices, it’s clear that lead-acid batteries stay the best choice due to their lower working value, proven observe record, and a fantastic recycling system that produces a small environmental footprint.

Know About JB battery

The chart demonstrates the direct cost comparability between lithium and JB batteries as they pertain to the golf automotive business and the voltage vs amp-hour requirements. For further information on deep-cycle flooded lead-acid batteries for golf cars and other industrial makes use of, go to JB Battery Manufacturing place order to purchase top quality merchandise at an inexpensive budget.