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About me
Mr. Timothy Soran is not just a teacher of Latin – he is a connoisseur of the Sciences, Humanities, Classics, and Culinary Arts.  Academically, Mr. Soran holds two Bachelor Degree's from The College of Idaho in Pre-Medicine and Zoology, with minor emphases in Psychology, Chemistry, U.S. History, and Leadership Training.   Mr. Soran graduated Cum Laude, as well as receiving Departmental Honors with his thesis titled: “An Analysis of Cardiac Health in Idaho from 1993-94.”  He served a one-year tour in the domestic Peace Corps (VISTA) as a childhood immunization officer for Southern Idaho. In 1995, he moved to Salt Lake City, and enrolled into the University of Utah, College of Sciences. While seeking a B.S. in Molecular Biology, Mr. Soran chose to study Latin in order to increase his appreciation and understanding of scientific nomenclature. Considered novel at the time, he was the only non-humanities student in the U of U's Latin program during this 3-year period. After his first Latin course, he consequently enrolled into an ancient history course titled, "The Age of Alexander," and from that point on, his academic philosophy morphed to include the study of ancient Roman and Greek history and medicine. In 1997, Mr. Soran received two more B.A. degrees - one in Molecular Biology, and the other in Ancient History, with minor emphases in Biochemistry and the Classics.   Finalizing his academic career, Mr. Soran received his M.A. in Teaching, and enrolled into postgraduate studies in ancient history while at the U of U.  He first started teaching Latin, Biology, and Human Anatomy in 1997, and currently teaches seven Latin classes at Judge Memorial, as well as coordinating the Culinary Arts Program.

Several times each year, Mr. Soran wears another hat, namely a Chef’s Toque, as he demonstrates his culinary skills and talents in various modalities.  With a well established and thriving family restaurant business in Southern Idaho (, he has been involved in all areas of the food industry for most of his life.  From washing dishes in his grandfather’s diner as an early teen, to supervising Soran’s Catering through high school, serving as a sommelier for the Ste. Chappelle Winery through college, and ultimately managing as Executive Chef at Salt Lake City’s own Five Alls Restaurant shortly before the Olympics, Mr. Soran has acquired his culinary experience, knowledge, and appreciation by practical means.  Year after year, Mr. Soran continues to donate his time and talents, thereby providing people with good food and pleasant company.  After he began the Judge Memorial Culinary Arts Program during the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics as an enrichment course, Mr. Soran has continued to instruct prospective young chefs in the Art of World Cuisines.  Each summer, usually the first four weeks of summer break, the Judge Memorial Culinary Arts Program provides a wide range of instruction in and out of the kitchen.

Mr. Soran also founded the Utah Junior Classical League in 2002, and he has been the state chair ever since.  From 2002-2008, the best and brightest of his Latin students from the previous school year traveled and competed in the National Junior Classical League Convention.  Over 1,800 Latin students from around the country gather each year for an entire week to compete in academics, athletics, creative, and graphic arts contests.   The 2014 Convention was recently held at Emory University in Atlanta.  Currently, Judge has 125 students in its JCL chapter, which ranks Judge as one of the larger chapters in the country.

Furthering the students’ love for the Classics, Mr. Soran began coordinating a biannual international trip for all his Latin students.  The last trip was during Spring Break of 2014.  Nearly 50 students, parents, and teachers flew into southern England for a 10-day tour through "Roman Britain and Gaul."  From London to Stonehenge and Normandy to Paris, participants were awashed with Classical and Contemporary experiences during the 70th anniversary of the WWII D-Day landings.  Both the 2007 and 2011 trips included an 11-day "Classical Odyssey" from Athens to Florence.  There are 2 trips scheduled for 2013.  The Spring of 2013 was an 11 day "Roman Renaissance" of Northern Italy.  Currently, Mr. Soran has two trips approved to both Italy and Spain for 2015 and 2016.  Both Trips are open to all Judge Students on a first come, first served basis, with special consideration given to students in the Latin program. 

Mr. Soran has been happily married to his wife Jen since 1998, and they have three children: Alex, 13, Zach (Pickle) 10, and Drew, 5.  Alex will attend Judge Memorial Catholic High School as a freshman in 2015.  Both Pickle and Drew attend Kearns-St. Ann’s Catholic School.  The Soran family are members of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Parish, and all reside in Holladay, Utah.
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