Math 7
2nd Marking Period Benchmark 2015-2016

M7.A.2.2.1 Write ratios to compare quantities.

M7.A.2.2.2 Solve for a variable in a given proportion.

M7.A.2.2.3 Use proportions to determine if two quantities are equivalent.

M7.B.2.1.1 Develop and use strategies to find the perimeter and/or area of simple and/or combined figures. Compound figures should only include triangles and quadrilaterals.

M7.B.2.1.2 Calculate the volume of prisms, cubes, pyramids, and cylinders.

M7.B.2.1.3 Find the circumference and/or area of circles

M7.B.2.1.4 Find the area of triangles, all types of parallelograms and trapezoids.

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Math 7
Dallas School District