¿Lo sabes bien el capítulo 1?

**This is a practice quiz for the vocabulary terms in chapter 1. Go through and answer the ones you are sure about. (You can change your answers.) Skip the ones you don't know immediately and go back to them later.
**If the word is a noun marked by a star*, please include the appropriate definite article.
**If the problem is a sentence, be sure to include capital letters and punctuation marks. Otherwise, use all lower case letters and accents.
**Do NOT waste time on things you aren’t sure about. Just do the best you can during the time allowed.
**If you get to the end of the test, you may go back to the words you skipped.
**At the end of the allotted time your answers will automatically be submitted and you will know your score. Make flashcards for the words you missed. ¡Buena suerte!

This quiz is timed.
The total time allowed for this quiz is 30 minutes.

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