The Piazza

The Piazza is a short stor that was written by Herman Melville. This story takes place outside a small village. Where scattered amoungst the mountains and grassland there are easel and painters. This is the view that is seen from an older farm house. This story is written in first person piont of view and the surroundings are described to realistic form. Throughout the story the main person is also discribing his or her thoughts of the house.
In the begining of the story the main character lives in an old fashion farm house. This house has a view of the hillside of every angle. The house is said to have very little "piazza." The owner enjoys looking out and enjoy the outside environemt. The village is discribed by the unique traits and the effect that the atmosphere has on the people.
The main character watches out the windows and enjoys the surroundings that this small village has to offer. The village is peaceful and very colorful. The people in the village are active amoungst the town, it mentions the children out playing and farmers working thier animals. The main character doesn't get out much and so he or she enjoys watching everyone in their daily activities.
During the end of hte story the character takes a trip up into the mountains and visits the a friend. The perosn that has the house in the hills has a perfect view of the village. This person has a view of a house that looks like a happy houe just be the colors, and often wonders who owns a how lives thier and what type of life they lead. The person that lives up in the hills often sees imaginary figures that he or she makes out as being soemthing real.
In this short story everything seem lo real because of the way that it has been desribed. The people in this story have a great view of a perfect world and the people loving in it. They seem to see things at a different point of view that maybe others wouldn't.

marti schuette

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