A Taoist Temple

There is a famous Taoist temple on the corner of Minsheng & Hsinsheng Roads in Taipei. As you enter this clean and beautiful place, you will notice, first of all, the traditional Chinese architecture, the strong smell of thousands of incense sticks burning, the delicious offerings of fruit and snacks, and the large crowds of followers. They come to the temple to worship 3 big statues inside the main building. These are of a general and two of his special guards and they are powerful officers in the ancient Chinese army. Many worshippers believe that if you pray to them, they will answer your prayers and make your wishes come true. The first step to entering this beautiful temple is to buy some fruits, your own incense sticks and a sticky dessert with a longan fruit inside it. Then, you must obtain a packet of incense sticks. Wash the fruits and place them on clean plates on one of the many long tables at the center of the courtyard, ... these are your offerings to the Taoist gods. The incense sticks will be lighted for you and you must place them in a big urn. Facing the main gate, put your hands together and call the gods quietly. Here, you must identify yourself by stating your name, birthdate, and your address. As you kneel down to pray, again identify yourself again and pray or make a wish or wishes and respectfully ask the gods to grant your wishes. Some followers even celebrate their Lunar New Year there. This is also a good time to confess your sins and ask for forgiveness, To be protected from evil spirits, you can line up and meet several old ladies who will then bless you. Although the ceremonies may not be as spectacular as watching Confucian or Buddhist ones, it is still great to watch because of the thousands who have had their wishes granted by praying here.
Or, you can see the tourists in different positions of the temple taking pictures with their cameras. You can see all of this in the most famous of all Taoist temples in Taipei - Hsin Tien Kong

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