Rob, Mark, and Aparna's Incredible Quia Page on Volume of Cones and Pyramids

Have fun taking this entertaining quiz on the volume of pyramids and cones. Remember, the formula for finding the volume of a pyramid is V=1/3Bh, where V equals volume, B equals the area of the base, and h equals the height. The formula for finding the volume of a cone is V=1/3(pi)r(squared)h, where V equals volume, (pi) equals 3.14, r equals radius, and h equals height.
NOTE-In this quia format, one is not allowed to write a superscript 2 in order to show that something is to the second power. This is why I wrote (squared) in the cone formula, in order to designate that the radius is actually to the second power.
Good luck!!

Rob Smithson

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