Upgrade of Java Quiz: 1-1 quiz on Variables and Expressions

Hello students!!
Okay, this is your first quiz so you better gear up for an easy quiz! Yup, its only 5 questions!Here are some reminders:
1) * means multiply!
2) / means divide!
3) And, since I cannot use exponents with the way I am making this, I will put all exponents in verbal form! Remember that! Plus cube means to the 3rd power and square means to the 2nd!!
Okay! Here are the directions:
#'s 1-2 : Write an algebraic expression for each verbal expression
# 3 : Rewrite the expression using exponents
#'s 4-5 : Write a verbal expression for each algebraic expression
**If your in my class: when you are done, send me your REAL results! Please be honest, because it isn't even a real grade. You dont have to worry!! Also, if you would like to sign up for my class (Its free), just email me with the following info:
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Ms. Perry

Ms. Perry

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