Upgrade of Java Quiz: Pronouns

Welcome to the Pronouns Challenge. This is the second part of our quia quiz. Our first was the Phrasal Verbs Challenge. Pronouns are very simple, but do watch out. Good luck!

Definition: A pronoun is a word that substitutes for a noun.

a.Each pronoun must have a clear antecedent.

b.Each pronoun should be close to its antecedent.

c.The person of pronouns should remain consistent.

d.Singular nouns require singular pronouns.

e.Plural nouns require plural pronouns.

f.Collective nouns require singular pronouns.

g.Indefinite pronouns (pronouns that do not refer to specific people or things) should be considered singular.

h.Possessive pronouns do not require apostrophes.
Who, whose and whom refer to people. That and which refer to animals or things.
Who is a subject or subject complement. Whom is an object.

i.Use that to start essential (restrictive) clauses; use which to start non-essential (non-restrictive) clauses.

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