English III Unit 1 Equiano Words to Own

For each of the following Words to Own, use a dictionary (dictionary.com, etc.) to find its root and its prefix and suffix, if any. You can find the root by looking up the word. The root is usually given in brackets following the word. Prefixes and suffixes are separately listed and defined in the dictionary. After finding the word parts, explain in your own words how the parts combine to form the word's meaning. The definition you create may differ somewhat from the dictionary definition. Some roots, prefixes, and suffixes have been completed for you. See the sample below.

Word to Own: assailant
Root: salire, to leap
Prefix: as-, toward
Suffix: -ant, a person that
Explanation of word's meaning: as (toward) + salire (to leap) + ant ( a person that) = a person that leaps toward

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