No one thinks it's strange now. But at first, people would stop to stare at the little bird riding on the back of the big dog. About a year ago, Brian's dog, Rudy, saw the little bird fall out of a tree. Ever since then, Rudy and his bird friend, Judy, have been together.

When a neighbor's cat scared Judy out of the tree, the bird fell to the ground. Rudy barked and chased the cat away but soon ran into Coco, a bulldog that lived in the house next door.

Coco heard the noise that Rudy and the cat made and wanted to join the fun. He chased Rudy back to the yard. Rudy was afraid Coco would find the bird on the ground, but by that time Brian had found the two dogs and told Coco to go home.

Rudy whined and cried when he went up to the bird. "What's wrong, Rudy?" Brian asked.

Rudy pushed aside the grass around the bird with his nose.

"What have we got here?" Brian asked as he looked closer. He could tell that one of the bird's wings was hurt.

Rudy barked as Brian took the bird away.

"Don't worry, Rudy. I'm just taking him to Uncle Ken," Brian told him. Uncle Ken was a veterinarian. Brian always took hurt animals to his uncle for help. Brian hoped that one day he would be an animal doctor like his uncle.

Uncle Ken wrapped the wing. He told Brian how to care for the bird until she could fly again. Brian borrowed a cage and put the bird in his room.

After two weeks, Judy was better. It wasn't long before she was flying around the yard. When Judy was tired, she would rest on Rudy's back. Before long Rudy and Judy were good friends.


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