Will Scarlet told Robin Hood of a fat, merry monk called Friar Tuck. "He has never been beaten with bow or quarterstaff," said Will. Robin Hood was eager to have such a skilled man in his company, so, bow on back, he set out with fifty of his men to visit the Friar.

When Robin arrived on the bank of a stream, he heard Friar Tuck humming merrily near by. "Now for some fun," he said as he hid his men.

"Come and carry me across the water, good Friar, or it will be the worse for you," said Robin Hood.

"Since I am a friar, it is my duty to help the weak," said Friar Tuck, bending down for Robin Hood to clasp his broad shoulders. Thus the Friar waded across the stream, the water at times higher than his waist.

Robin Hood laughed all the way across the stream, but, as Friar Tuck set his "passenger" down on the bank, he jerked out his sword and Robin Hood was at his mercy. (To be continued)

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