Forde3 ~ A Real Dragon

Carefully read the passage below and answer the questions.

A Real Dragon

    1 Most people have heard stories about fire-breathing dragons fighting knights in shining armor, living in caves, and hiding huge amounts of treasure. We all know that dragons did not really exist. Well, there is a dragon that does exist! It is the Komodo dragon, and it lives in Asia. People many years ago believed this lizard was the same creature as the dragon from our fairy tales.

    2 The Komodo dragon is not really a dragon. It belongs to the largest living group of lizards, called monitor lizards. Komodo dragons can grow more than ten feet long!

    3 Komodo dragons have long, forked tongues, like those of snakes. They have long necks, heads that close toward a point, strong legs, and long powerful tails.

    4 Komodo dragons are carnivores, which means they eat other animals. They are able to swallow most animals whole. They are very fast runners. Their speed enables them to chase down animals they plan on eating. They feed on birds, reptiles, and their eggs, and small mammals. The mouth of a Komodo dragon carries deadly bacteria. The bacteria can infect an animal bitten by the enormous lizard. The bite alone can cause death.

    5 Komodo dragons are good swimmers. Some have been known to swim far from land. Other can even climb trees.

    6 The Komodo dragon is not the same dragon from the fairy tales, but it is a large and powerful lizzard. It is easy to understand how people long ago could mistake it for the fire-breathers in our stories.

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