Causative Verbs

The causative verbs are LET, MAKE, HELP, AND HAVE, which are followed by the BASE FORM of the verb. [We MAKE, LET, HELP, or HAVE someone DO something. We can also HAVE something DONE.] Other structurally related verbs are ALLOW, PERMIT, and FORCE, which are followed by the FULL INFINITIVE FORM. [We ALLOW, PERMIT, or HELP someone TO DO something.] Permit and allow are synonyms for the verb let, and force is a synonym for the verb make. The verb HELP can be followed by either the base form or the infinitive form. In this quiz, read each full sentence and choose the verb that completes the meaning of the sentence AND goes with the verbal form following it - the BASE FORM, INFINITIVE FORM, OR PAST PARTICIPLE.

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