Personification 7R1.1.g, 7R2.c

Read this passage. Answer the questions that follow it.

It was a hot day. In the sky above, the sun laughed at the pitiful efforts of humans to stay cool. Most humans stayed inside their air-conditioned dwellings.

In one yard, however, a human was resolutely ignoring the sun. Mr. Merriweather had decided to dig a garden, and nothing was going to stop him--until he hit a rock.

The rock was large and gray. It was positioned just under the earth. Undaunted, Mr. Merriweather reached down and tried to lift it from the ground. He couldn't move it an inch, though. Next, Mr. Merriweather got a crowbar and tried to pry the boulder from the ground. The rock refused to budge. Clearly, the rock had decided it would not leave its home in the dirt no matter what Mr. Merriweather tried to do.

Mr. Merriweather scratched his head. The rock was directly in the center of his future garden; it simply had to go. Then he had an idea. Taking his shovel, he dug his garden in circles around the stubborn rock. Later that summer, colorful flowers danced exuberantly around the gray boulder at their center. As for the rock, it sat happily in the middle, pleased to be the center of attention.

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