Little Fish

Read the story “Little Fish” before answering numbers 1 through 9.
Little Fish
Once, a little fish lived in a lake, and the fish seemed very
happy. It had many different animal friends from the forest.
One fair and sunny afternoon, a wild goose stopped to
visit its friend, the fish. “Good day, fish,” said the goose.
“How are you?”
“I am very well, thank you,” answered the fish. “Where
have you been?”
“Flying,” said the goose. “I’ve been visiting a small
pond, and I saw another fish there just like you.”
After the goose left, the little fish was very quiet. It
thought about the other fish the goose saw. Suddenly it felt
lonely swimming in the lake all by itself. This made it so
unhappy that it began to cry.
The more it cried, the higher the water rose in the lake,
and finally the lake overflowed. The water quickly carved a
path to another lake and formed the first river.
The little fish had never seen a river before, but it swam
into the river. The river carried it away from the lake and
down a mountain. Soon, the fish found itself in a larger
lake, where it swam round and round. It wanted to see
every part of the big lake, which was very different from its
other one. The other one seemed as small as a button!
Many animals lived in the big lake, so the little fish
swam up to a turtle. “Hello,” said the fish.
“Hello,” said the turtle. “I have not seen you before,
little fish.”
“The river carried me here,” said the fish.
“How long will you stay?” asked the turtle.
The little fish looked around and saw many other fish
swimming in the big lake. The goose would surely visit.
The big, pretty lake seemed like a lovely place to make a
good home. “I like this lake,” said the fish. “I think I will
stay for a long time.”

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