Lent Term Principal Parts: ten random forms

Practice writing the Lent Term Principal Parts (click here to find the forms in a new window). The quiz will present ten randomly chosen forms from the lists and give you feedback. You can quit and restart the quiz at any time.
To type Greek you will need to activate your computer's Greek keyboard (no accents or breathings required, and you may use iota adscript for iota subscript, e.g. ωι for ῳ):
On Mac: click on the little flag in the upper right corner of the monitor and change to 'Greek Polytonic'
On PC: click on the letters EN in the lower right hand corner of the monitor and change to EL
Click here (opens new window) for instructions on how to set up a computer to type Greek. Please report any problems or errors to cw322@cam.ac.uk. Go to CWslanguagepage.