SCAF WATER POLO: NFHS Test (2011-12)

1. There are 50 questions on the test. Select ONE answer for each of the questions.

2. The test is available beginning at 11:00 am on 8/17/2011 and will close at 11:59 pm on 8/26/2011.

3. All referees must achieve a passing score of 80% or better in order to referee (unlimited attempts allowed).

4. No log in or password is required to take the test. Simply provide your first and last name.

5. The software being used does NOT allow a user to “sign off” midway through the test without losing their answers. And a 24 hour time limit is the maximum per session.

6. Therefore, it is recommended each user print the test OR copy and paste the test into a word document. Complete the answers on your own time and sign in again when ready to submit in one sitting.

7. The questions are in the same order for all users BUT the answer choices are in random order for each test taker.

8. Upon submitting the test, each user will immediately receive a score. However, the user will not be advised of the questions missed as this will in essence publicize the answers.

9. Therefore, it is recommended each user keep a copy of their answers prior to submission.

10. Test answers will be public on 8/27/2011.

11. All test results will be distributed to the appropriate Area President and Instructional Chair.

Good luck!!!


This quiz is currently unavailable.